Proven ROI

What is project certainty worth?

CAPEX projects are a big deal for owners and contractors. The implications of one bad project go well beyond just the project in question – they can literally cripple an entire organization.


For Owners, its not just the project at stake, a delay on the project can have significant impact on the full life cycle operational value of the asset. The irony to an owner, by the time the project gets to execution, the risk exposure to the owner actually lies more in the hands of the EPC or Contractor.


For the Contractor or EPC, the risk lies both with the bidding and execution phase. Winning an uncompetitive bid is worse than not winning the bid in the first place. Likewise, execute outside of the agreed upon plan and the potential for total contingency drawdown or even worse, complete margin erosion to the point of project loss is high.

01 Concept Select:

  • Viability assessment
  • De-risking & assessment of alternate scenarios

02 FEED:

  • Decision support for FID/Sanction
  • Contingency determination

03 Detailed Design:

  • Detailed execution strategy
  • Determine risk adjusted plan

04 Execution:

  • Risk remediation & project assurance
  • Mitigation strategies & optimization/replan

05 Closeout:

  • Claims resolution
  • Lessons Learned (Capture)

01 Pre-bid:

  • Bid Viability: Balance competitive price with margin expectations

02 Post-bid:

  • Margin Erosion: Contingency required to cover project risk and impact on margin

03 Project Execution:

  • Risk Range: Trending of risk exposure over time

04 Handover to Owner:

  • Knowledge Capture: History becomes a digital asset for future projects

Welcome to Project Confidence

Forecasting project cost and duration is one thing but arguably more importantly is the ability for stakeholders to have real confidence in the achievability and outcome of the project. Certainty is what every CAPEX project strives for and rightly so.

Today, PMFocus drives that project certainty through a combination of knowledge-driven risk assessments and AI-assisted benchmarking. 20 years of successfully assessing/predicting/ supporting the world’s largest CAPEX projects cannot be easily replicated and is why our clients seek PMFocus support time and again.

Projects don’t fail because of poor execution;

they fail because of poor planning.

Margin Erosion

Regardless of your project phase, we deliver predictability.

Not just another consulting outfit.

The traditional project management consulting model is outdated and let’s face it, isn’t very effective. Supposed risk-workshop facilitators are today a dime-a-dozen and yet projects continue to suffer from lack of control leading to costly overruns. How many times have you left a schedule review or risk workshop not really understanding what the outcome was?

We bring meaning and relevance to the table – We understand your project teams are busy. We understand that you need visibility into the bad stuff in order to pro-actively respond to and reduce risk exposure.

We don’t believe risk management is simply building a risk model & running reports – Reporting the fact that you have a very low chance of on-time completion is not helpful. What is helpful is knowing where your risk hot-spots lie and more importantly how effective your mitigation plans are in reducing or eliminating those risk hot spots.

We don’t hold you hostage for repeated reviews – You own whatever we build for you. However, repeated schedule reviews and risk workshops provide valuable trending for projects which is often the best indicator as to whether you have a grasp on your project or not…

ROI – most projects have at best 50/50 shot at successful execution. We drive project certainty to a much higher levels. How much is project certainty worth to you?

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